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I'm so happy and grateful I have a huge, loving supportive family. Family is everything. No matter what people say or think of you, family always has your back and my family has mine!
Left to right: Me, My Dad, my younger brother, my older sister, my sisters husband, my brothers freind, my mother, my step-dad.
Fun-Facts: After graduating with my degree in mechanical engineering I worked for Northrop Grumman, M.C Dean and NASA.
My dad and mom basically built a Linkedin platform before they did in 1990's and sold it for an undisclosed amount.
My mother has multiple degrees and she is a genius. Her Father and grandparents started Kashmir Printing press in pakistan. The largest printing press in the country at the time.
My father served as a paratrooper in the pakastani war and permanently injured his leg. He is an incredible entrepreneur and buisnessman.
My younger brother graduated from UMD and works very successful jobs.
My sister went to Syracuse and holds a high position at a consulting firm and has a masters degree from Columbia. Her husband holds a high position in a consulting firm too.
My step-dad was a United States Marine and Tank Commander in the Iraq War. He was in charge of the M1 Abrahms tank. After service he owned and ran 2 subway franchised before selling them for an undisclosed amount. My mother and step dad own real estate property and travel the world together.

I am blessed for such a great supportive family. Make sure you spend time with your loved ones before time runs out!

-Auran Shereef
Founder, Konnex

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